About Ms. Zeno the Mojo Queen

An amazing soulful blues artist and entertainer, “Ms. Zeno The Mojo Queen” brings to the stage, energy that captivates her audience. With her playful personality, jokes, and charm she definitely keeps you on your toes. Her show is never boring nor the same. Born Verlinda Zeno. The 3rd of 8 children mother Effie Zeno in Louisiana. She is described as a beautiful sexy creole woman with long flowing black hair. Her beauty doesn’t stop at her looks. Her treatment of others tells the story of her natural inner beauty. Ms. Zeno naturally never meets a stranger. She has a way of making even the shiest person comfortable. She’s a queen-size woman that takes pride in throwing her weight around. Giving the true definition of being a Blues Woman in the South. Her down-to-earth personality and southern charms will leave you breathless. She’s a people person who can strike up a conversation with everyone she encounters. Ms. Zeno is a strong gifted businesswoman as well. This lady definitely wears more than one hat and truly gives everything she does 100%.Ms. Zeno moved to Memphis, TN, singing backup for the late Lil Milton Campbell. It was the late Albert King who took her and introduced her to the legendary Beale Street. He told her this is where you will pay your dues and make your name. That was when she became Ms. Zeno The Mojo Queen.